The General Assembly of the EAPM approved the membership last Thursday October 26 in Paris. That makes Belgium the youngest member of the European Association of People Management. True. Belgium was already represented by the PM Club since 2008. But since the PM Club does not cover the full territory of Belgium, the status was that of a corresponding membership.

So, we are now a full member. got compliments from various countries. And if we compare to other countries like the UK (CIPD), Germany (DGFP), France (ANRH), Denmark (Dansk HR), … and others there is still a long way to go in Belgium.

“With this membership we realise a promise that we have made to the 11 members of and that was to link our association to the international level. For our members this will be of value as we can have access to a network that goes beyond our own means. And we hope that in time we can contribute to EAPM as we are in the heart of Europe” says David Ducheyne, president of “I want to thank Inez Senecaut and PM Club for building the ties with EAPM”. 

The European Association for People Management (EAPM) was founded in 1962. The Association forms an umbrella body of 31 national organisations which represent HR professionals. It is purely professional and specialist in nature. It is an experience exchange organisation without profit-related objectives. It is independent of all employers, trade union, state or political bodies.

For more information: is the Belgian Association for HR Professionals. it was founded in 2016 and links 11 HR associations and 3 partners. 3500 HR Professionals are linked through this new platform. has joined the EAPM

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