VDAB and Le Forem  – 2 partners of HRPro.be – participate tomorrow in the European Employers Day.  The colleagues of both organisations will leave the office to visit or call companies.

The first Employers´ Day in 2016 showed huge impact, highlighting the importance of employers as relevant customer target group for PES. Thus, the PES Network decided for having the European Employers´ Day as a regular event and organizes, the second event in November 2017.

The aims of the initiative are to make contact with a large number of employers, to foster dialogue between public employment services and employers and to create awareness of employment-related issues. Member States focus on the special needs of the local labor markets.

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This day is part of the European Vocational Week.
There are 1286 events in 45 countries.




2nd European Employers Day – VDAB and Le Forem take part.

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